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About Us

 The Tournesol Connect team is composed of highly qualified K-12 educators and language professionals with more than 30 years of experience.

Since 2007, members of the team have worked together seamlessly to provide language arts tutoring and interpreting + translation services.

Our Mission

We empower individuals and organizations with superior language services and tutoring, offering personalized, innovative, and accessible solutions that enrich education and promote cultural understanding.

Our Promise

We promise to provide exceptional language and tutoring services tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and learning style with compassion, integrity and excellence.

Meet the Team

The team consists of state certified teachers who have been educating students for more than 20 years and  professional multi-language interpreters and translators.

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Five stars! Brilliant tutor, I would 100% recommend her to others. 

Mrs. A. was cordial towards me. She played a vital role in the success of my school project.  She recruited an engineer to help in designing the experiment. She was dedicated and made sure I was successful. My tutor played an active role in the project design, experimentation, and editing. Mrs. A was patient and didn’t complain if the experiment didn’t work. She worked with me throughout the whole project. She found videos and resources related to the topic of my experiment and made suggestions to improve my work. Without Mrs. A’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten a 100% on my project. I am very grateful for her assistance.

- Matthew, Pembroke Pines Charter student

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