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  • What will you work on in the first session?
    The first session is a consultation to get to know your child. There will be a pre-test to gauge the student’s strengths and weaknesses before the first lesson.
  • How do we set goals and make lesson plans for tutoring?
    Lesson plans are tailored to the needs of an individual student and communication with the student and/or the parent. We will inquire about goals, specific skills they want the student to learn and what they expect from a tutor.
  • What is unique about your service?
    We establish a good relationship and take time to connect meaningfully with students and their families. Having a good rapport with every member of the family is important and necessary for the success of the student.
  • What if I need to cancel a lesson?
    Lesson cancellations are subject to the standard 10% service fee if canceled before 24 hours. Lessons can not be canceled 24 hours before the scheduled session. The space was reserved for you and can not be filled with a short notice of cancellation.
  • Where should I cancel a lesson?
    Tutor cancellation must be documented on the website. Clear confirmation of a lesson’s location and start time via the website is imperative. Personal emails, phone calls, text messages or verbal communication that are sent outside Tournesol Connect messaging system are not verifiable.
  • Do I need to bring my own materials for the student or will the tutors provide materials?
    It depends on the student’s individual needs. Sometimes the parent may request to provide support with homework or school projects.
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